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The building is as good as ready. Inside, work continues on a number of rooms.


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The expansion project

Sustainable and automated expansion

The rising demand for our ripened fruit and the success of Apeel is driving rapid growth. Growth in a literal sense. Starting in September 2020 and scheduled for completion at the end of 2021, we are therefore building an additional 21,000 m2. This will give us more space for ripening activities and to streamline the logistics process. And an automated warehouse and packaging robots at our sorting lines will advance us to the next level of efficiency. Everything is focussed on creating an efficient supply chain in a sustainable environment. This will future proof us so we can maintain our position as a partner that combines delivery reliability with a high quality produce.

More on the expansion

Our construction partners

This is the team responsible for our expansion project

We are realising the expansion of Nature’s Pride together with our construction partners. This is practically the same construction team behind our current premises. For us, it is a tried and trusted partnership with each partner inputting their own expertise. Together, we will ensure the construction of an impressive, sustainable and high-tech expansion. Who are these partners in construction? We are pleased to introduce them.